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South of Happily

Unlike most women's fiction, South of Happily goes beyond the usual themes of marriage, divorce, and family history. We get down to the heart of who is Katy Kiss, an astute young woman caught in the maelstrom of betrayal, grief and self-doubt. What is remarkable is how much humor, friendship and exotic travel keeps this story aloft, never mired in the cynicism and often surprisingly tender.  

- Author Lizbeth Leigh Jones - Ulterior Motives

In the coastal town of Dufferin Beach, Katy Kiss wants more from life than flinging food in her family’s Hungarian restaurant. She’s searching for the hope she had as a child when her immigrant grandmother would pinch her cheek and say, “go finding your happily.”

But Katy isn’t feeling the hope with her philandering husband who communicates in angry emojis now that their marriage is headed to divorce court. And if she’s being honest, even on her wedding day, the only thing she felt was queasy, like when you eat bad shrimp.

Therapy might get her closer to happily, but surviving fifty minutes of psychological interrogation is hard without obsessing about raspberry donuts or wondering why the couch and the carpet and the paint in her shrink’s office are all the same shade of kill-me-now-beige...or why every decision she makes is wrong.

When a crisis sends her far away from home, the secrets hidden in the Kiss family closet begin spilling out. Secrets that change everything Katy knows, and suddenly, finding happily is the last thing on her mind.

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The Happily

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